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Creating engaging and entertaining video is our passion
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Horror Films

Writing, producing, and watching horror films is our passion! Everything else we do helps make the horror happen.

Music Videos

Just because you’re a small local band, doesn’t mean your great song cannot have a music video.

Professional Commercials

Studio 605 offers complete commercial production, from concept to script writing to completion.

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Let Studio 605 help take your idea from concept to a completed commercial, video or film script

About Our Films

We love making low-budget horror flicks with a 1980's flare
Honoring the greats of the 80's slasher genre one indie film at a time

Cinematic Reality (2018) Set to begin principal photography in the Spring of 2018, Cinematic Reality is our company's first non-horror feature film. Buckle up for this one, folks! More details coming soon!

Scream for Summer (2017) School is over and the teens of Geneva, Ohio are ready to party their summer away..Little do they know, a masked killer has other plans for this ragtag group of friends. Questions are mounting, fingers are pointed, and bodies are stacking up as they try to figure out who could be behind the gruesome murders.

I Love MacKenzie Reynolds (2016) In this short film, the 605 team branches out from their horror roots and delve into the downward spiral of a heartbroken mans psyche. It begs the question, just how far would you go to prove your love to someone who doesn't want it?

The Wicked One (2016) One of the world's most prolific and dangerous serial killers escapes A Maximum Security Prison and returns to his hometown to find his crimes and likeness are being exploited for profit in a annual event named Wicked Fest.

The Campground: The Requel (2015) Charlie Varsin is back and he's bigger, badder, and more terrifying than ever. Little Farm on the River is the last place you want to be. The Requel is a reimagining of The Campground & a sequel all in one!

Knock Knock (2015). A teenage girl, chased by a crazed "cable guy," takes refuge in a young man's house on Halloween night. Sometimes, though, things aren't always what they seem.

Last Supper (2015) In this short thriller, a young woman arrives home and begins to prepare dinner. She soon discovers that she isn't alone in the house.

The Woods Within (2014) is a modern day slasher murder mystery which pays homage to the great slasher flicks of the 1980's.

Friday the 13th: The Curse of Jason (2014) is a 3-part short fan film based on the iconic slasher series. This film is currently sitting at over 77,000 views!

The Campground (2013) In the first feature film from Studio 605, Charlie Varsin has come home to Little Farm on the River. Little do a group of partying teens know, they aren't alone in the woods of this campground.

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